Sunday, 17 April 2011

Grow Jatropha: Extraction of Crude Jatropha Oil By Hand With Nut Press

The main reason to grow Jatropha Curacus Lin is for the physic nut sometimes called the Barbados Nut because it produces a green oil that is suitable for use in diesel engines and Crude Jatropha Oil can be further refined into Bio Aviation fuel. Crude Jatropha Oil can be extracted from the jatropha seed using a simple nut press like this. it is the same sort of worm gear nut press that can be used to extract oil for biofuel from sunflower seeds or any other biofuel feedstock crop. Extraction oil from seeds is not a new idea!

Using a simple nut press to extract crude jatropha oil is very easy for a local community to do in this way and does not require expensive and heavy machinery to extract the crude jatropha oil from the jatropha seed. Seed husks which still contain residual jatropha oil are a very rich fertilizer and can be used to fertilize the jatropha plantation after the harvest.

Once the crude jatropha oil has been extracted using the nut press it would be very easy for the community to refine the jatropha oil into a methyl ester biodiesel or use the jatropha oil for cooking without further refining, this would make the carbon footprint of the jatropha plantation lower as sustainable energy becomes more available to the community. 

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  1. This is exactly the sort of low tech nut press that is needed in Central Africa!

    It is then very easy to refine the crude jatropha oil into biodiesel with a very simple biodiesel processor the reaction is very easy to do.

    It is exactly the same process as with waste vegetable oil as shown here...

    The byproduct of this reaction glycerine can then be made into soap using more of the same chemicals used to make the biodiesel.