Sunday, 17 April 2011

Grow Jatropha: Harvesting Jatropha Plantation Sustainability Vs Machinery

This Video Shows harvesting of Jatropha Curacus Lin on a Monoculture Bio Fuel Plantation using a Korvan Model 9000 machine. Growing and harvesting a Jatropha plantation like this on an industrial scale with machinery and it may be financialy more sensible to grow jatropha and harvest it more traditionaly. This will produce biofuel that is more sustainable as the carbon emmisions chain taken to produce the fuel will be shorter and therefore better for the environment.

This method of harvesting jatropha grown on a monoculture plantation is not as environmentally friendly as harvesting the jatropha by hand. Once the jatropha seed husks have turned black they fall to the ground where they can easily be picked up and brought to trailers at the end of the rows.

Harvesting Jatropha in this way creates labour for local people and the extra cash from growing jatropha with medicinal plants such as Aloe Vera are better economically for the plantation as the value of an Aloe Crop is worth twice as much as the Jatropha Crop in the first four to 5 years!

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