Sunday, 17 April 2011

Grow Jatropha: Growing Jatropha in Central Vietnam Quang Tri Province

Here you can see jatropha being grown in the Quang Tri Province of Vietnam, it is quite funny watching the American "Investor" who can't say Jatropha - When you see the Jatropha Plantation which is sandy soil in terraces the plants are maybe one to two months old and struggling.

The video ends on more mature jatropha trees grown for maybe four years the straggly jatropha plants grown on the sandy terraces will be a long way from producing enough jatropha seeds to make biodiesel from the crude jatropha oil.

Cambodia and Vietnam are both good places to grow jatropha because of the soil conditions you can see in the video and the humid climate. Growing Jatropha with Palm Tree's on the terraces in the video would provide the jatropha with the shade that it likes to grow in.

You can see the young Jatropha plants growing in the video look wilted from too much sun and growth is poor. Jatropha should always be grown in the shade for best results. Growing stronger plants produces seeds higher in oil content. The more crude jatropha oil in the seeds the more biofuel you can make from the Jatropha you grow!

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