Sunday, 17 April 2011

Grow Jatropha: Growing Jatropha Biodiesel Plantation in Lower Volta Ghana

Growing Jatropha as a Bio Fuel feedstock is a good idea in Africa - This Video shows Jatropha Growing as a Monoculture plantation in Lower Volta, Ghana.

Many people in Africa have tried to grow Jatropha for various biofuel projects which are less economically viable when compared to growing jatropha plants intercropped with medicinal plants such as gensing. The

Jatropha plants are being grown in rows so they can be easily harvested, from the hight and foliage the Jatropha plants look to be 12 to 18 months old. The sole aim of a monocultrue plantation is to grow jatropha as a feedstock for biofuels like bio diesel - Jatropha Methel Ester or Bio Aviation Fuel -Bio SPK, Synthetic Parafinic Kerosene.

A plantation has to grow a large amount of Jatropha in order to produce a sustainable biofuel production for every 3 kilos of Jatropha seed grown produce one litre of oil when crushed to produce the Crude Jatropha Oil. The main reason why this Jatropha is being grown on this plantation in Ghana.  

This book explains how to make your own bio diesel the process can be used with Crude Jatropha Oil from the Jatropha plants grown in the video or with waste vegetable oil from a restaurant.

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