Sunday, 17 April 2011

Grow Jatropha: Indian Project To Grow Jatropha Curcas in Chhattisgarh

Here is an Indian project to grow Jatropha Curcas Lin to produce a biofuel crop most plantations who grow jatropha for biodiesel production use a monoculture. In this case if the Indian's were to grow Jatropha intercropped with Gensing they would have an additional income in addition to growing jatropha for biofuel.

The Jatropha growing on the Sandarkera plantation in India looks healthy with each jatropha plant easily having 2.5 square meters in which to grow. Both Genging and Watermelon could grow in between these jatropha rows to create food security and income as well as biodiesel on this jatropha plantation in India.

There is a funny bit where animals are walking where the jatropha is growing and it is captioned with "Jatropha Is No Longer Effective Hedge" Jatropha plants need to be planted about 30cm away from each other so that they become a hedge of course animals will walk through the plantation.

In Africa there is some debate as to whether jatropha plants should grow in 4 meter square patches to allow for elephant migration through the jatropha growing on the plantation without damage.


  1. Nice healthy Jatropha plants!

  2. Wow! What an interesting video! Can I grow this Jatropha plant in my garden?

  3. Hello!

    Is it true that this jatropha plant can grow in the sand?

    There is lots of sand in Saudi Arabia will the jatropha trees grow here?